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If you are experiencing slab leak issues for the first time, the problems can be baffling and the solutions might not make sense. However, at Accurate Leak San Antonio, we have the knowledge and skills you need to detect the problem with precision tools. Once the problem has been isolated (if any), we have the techniques to get your property back to normal as soon as possible with the least amount of disruption to your routine, occupancy, and budget. To get a better understanding of the slab leak detection, repair and prevention services we offer, keep reading.

Why a slab leak is happening to your home or office

When we are working with homeowners to prevent slab leak issues, it often involves redirecting storm water away from the foundation of the home with gutters, drains and grading the landscaping. For this reason, when we are doing repairs for slab leaks, we are often undoing the damage from water-logging. Other reasons there might be foundation leaks is due to a disrupted pipe. Some of the signs that plumbing or sewer pipes are to blame include water gushing out of the foundation, hot spots on the floor, and toilets or sinks that will not drain.

Problems to expect from slab leaks

Sadly, some foundations require a lot of work because the damage extends to the sub-slab or has already caused a lot of damage to the buildings due to shifting. While all of these problems can be fixed and prevented, one that can truly put occupants at risk are the health factors associated with mold or bacteria that can collect in the slab and seep into the indoors. This is especially true if there is raw sewage trapped in the slab or sub-slab.

How we find slab leaks

Slab leak detection involves being able to “see” through the concrete and soil with specialized tools to get a better understanding of damage, if any, but one of the best areas to inspect first is the plumbing. By using specialized cameras at the end of plumbing ropes, slab leak detectives can check to see if the issue is caused by a pipe leak. Once this popular culprit is ruled out, more techniques can be used to determine how the foundation can be fixed.

Modern ways to repair slab leaks without digging

In the past, fixing a pipe that was leading to a foundation issue was usually fixed by removing concrete, soil, and the old pipe to replace it with a new one. Today, the newest technique that saves homeowners a significant amount of time and money is “trenchless” or “repiping” methods. This involves using a sprayer device on the end of a rope that sends food-grade, liquid epoxy (plastic) to the broken pipe area. Once the epoxy hardens within a few hours, it is strong and completely seals the water or sewer pipe. Although there are some extreme situations where this method will not work, it has the confidence of the U.S. Navy and has been used in Europe for the past 40 years.

Let us help you avoid slab leak problems today

When you are ready for a San Antonio slab leak repair or inspection technician, we are happy to help. In addition to having extensive plumbing experience, our team is fully certified to help you find, repair and prevent slab leak issues that can lead to a property being condemned or unhealthy. If you think you are seeing the signs of a slab leak, call us for an inspection today. Thank you in advance for choosing Accurate Leak San Antonio, and we look forward to hearing from you.

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In TechCrunch’s recent article about Fuller House, I, at first, was angry at their negative claims towards the series, as well as Netflix itself. The author began the article by making claims towards Netflix about money grabbing through viewers’ nostalgia, as well as completely dismissing Fuller House’s quality and legitimacy. While the points in the beginning of the article are valid, that doesn’t necessarily mean that they are true or good. Oh, it was so unfair to single out Netflix in the cable-networking topple and the nostalgia greed, I thought. After all, everybody in show business has always tried to make a profit off the audience; that’s what it’s been since its origins in theater! However, as I kept reading, I realized that I had been conned by the author’s hook. Their intent wasn’t necessarily to blaspheme against the gods of Netflix, but was to actually wake people up to our new future of media.

Once the author made the statement that Netflix’s intended audience for Fuller House was children, the rage cleared and the article began to make sense. This article was for all the media snobs who worship series like, “”Orange Is the New Black,”” or, “”House of Cards,”” who were wrongfully giving flack to Netflix for their recent nostalgia-grab. The author is spelling out to the world that a streaming business like Netflix needs to actually appeal to as many demographics as possible, which is reasonable. When coming head-to-head with a long-time business like cable television, a streaming business like Netflix has to create interesting, original content for most everyone to enjoy. How’s one going to topple a huge corporate monster without employing techniques of their own? Once these points and the author’s position became very clear to me, I was relieved. Of course media is changing, and of course a company isn’t always going to mine gold out of producer’s scripts. Deep, psychological dramas or commentaries on our American lifestyle aren’t going to appeal to all, even as much as one demographic praises them.

I, for one, openly accept our new media-streaming overlords. It’s convenient for me, as a single adult, to control when and what I want to watch, and I can see the incredible benefit for those families with children. Fuller House may not be a distinguished title, but I do hope it gives children a more exciting watch than what cable can provide.

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It is surely a high-technology world we dwell in today and technology continues increasing at astonishing speeds. Everyone relies on an excellent internet service at home and at the workplace. Without a quality, high speed, affordable internet service an individual’s world comes to a halt. Include in all those stops to internet down time.

HughesNet is one quality, yet affordable internet service; however, HughesNet is not available everywhere in the United States. Their focus has mainly brought high quality, affordable service to rural America. Residents in rural America have few alternatives for them when it comes to staying connected to family, business associates and acquaintances. The good thing is that HughesNet is expanding and growing and bringing service to many cities where residents could not get HughesNet service, and word of mouth has it that Hughes Net is one of the most reliable and affordable internet providers in the country.

The residents in one rural North Dakota city are delighted that HughesNet is expanding in this area. The reason being is that other internet service providers cannot meet the benefits that HughesNet Williston offers people in this rural North Dakota city. These benefits come to residents in the form of the fastest and most reliable wireless, high-speed broadband internet service at 15 Mbps, at a fraction of the price of other companies.

HughesNet Williston offers a popular updated internet option due to satellite carrying wireless broadband internet versus the older form of internet service through DSL and cable broadband internet. This form of service continues to decrease in popularity, mostly in part to the lagging speed and unreliability it offers.

When a customer signs up for internet service, they need to look at what the company has to offer and make sure that the technology of that company is updating their services continuously, like Hughes Net Company. Never again will customers have to endure down time with their internet service.

HughsNet customers find that the company rarely has down time with the Gen4. If there is ever any question about this service the customer, service representatives, known for award-winning, and superior service makes every customer number one.

The Gen4 is the fourth update that HughesNet made since the company was born. Generation4 is what brings the latest, best quality and highest speed to customers, without having to have a landline service.

Gen4 is a combination of high-capacity satellite, called EchoStar XVII, offering splendid customer support, expert engineering and superior service, at affordable rates. There is utterly no reason to waste time and money on an internet service supplier that offers slow speeds.

Call HughesNet Williston about current discounts and deals in Williston, North Dakota. Representatives show customers how they can save on services yet get everything they need to keep life on an even keel, such as gaming, higher download capacity, streaming videos and much more through the HughesNet Gen4.

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Inadequate funding, strict international policies and Long procedures involved in registration may make your dream to study abroad fade away. You might have all the qualifications, but few issues may hold you back. With developments in technology, getting a first degree, master’s degree or doctorate degree from your desired international university has been made as easy as creating a Facebook account. You just need an Internet enabled computer, money and course in mind, however, it might be a little challenging when it comes to choosing the right program.


We should be aware that there are pros and cons, new unstable universities without good foundations, unregistered courses and more. Universities have grown in number, millions of courses are launched hence making delivery of education a competition. Choosing the best university and course to study may look easy, it is not. Making a wrong choice might result into regrets. To make the right choice you should consider few things which are,

1. The course you are interested in – You must know if the course is linked to best jobs in the market and in your area, since most probably, you are not going to work outside your country.

2. Universities that deliver the course you are interested in – You must do enough research. Know which the best university and where your money is worth spending.

3. Differences in prices – Most of the time quality of education varies with price. If you are looking to get the highest quality of education you must be willing to spend.

4. Related jobs to the course you target to complete – You don’t study for fun. At the time you apply for a specific course, you always have a job in mind. It is better to choose a course that has a market.


Ranking of online education programs is determined by a number of factors.

i) Response to queries – If they are slow to respond, they will be slow in addressing your issues, answering your questions and assisting you in time.
ii) History – Shows you what the university has achieved.
iii) Customer feedback – If customers’ feedback is negative, you are likely to join the queue. So it is best to make the right choices at the right time.
iv) Online reviews – These are the best sources of information for a university. It takes a look into what the university does in detail.
v) Number of intakes – People go for the best and to know the best, you judge by the number of intakes.


1. Ashford University,
2. Post university
3. Kaplan University
4. University of Phoenix,
5. The art institute online

They are the best online universities delivering best courses at a better price and at the right time. These courses include Agricultural courses, business courses, Information and technology, medicine and many more.


Online education programs have made learning easy.

a) With online education program time and location are no longer a factor.

b) You can learn from any location and at any time. While pursuing your studies abroad, you are not detached from your friends, family and other people you treasure in your life.

c) Compared to availing yourself physically at the location of the university, online learning is cheaper since you don’t need to spend on transport, accommodation and expenses involved as a foreigner

It is convenient, flexible and cheaper. Location doesn’t matter and it lets you choose the time to attend classes. Online education program brings distant learning to your doorstep and you have no reason to miss out. Make the dream of learning in a country you like come true.